Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BOLTS 40 Yard Dash

Saw this Article Usain Bolt would run the 40 in WHAT?! By Andy Behrens
After the olympics I wondered what his forty would be but you could not just take his time and figure out his forty (way longer distance and would not count the time for acceleration).
At the World Championships his first split time was taken, with start and a simmilar distance it is a lot more accurate. the answer: my jaw dropped = 3.76.... this is close to light speed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Darin Slack: How to be a great Quarterback

Darin Slack is one of the best QB coaches in the country. He runs Darin Slack Quarterback Academy, which includes camps for highschool kids and youth players all over. The video, by Dub Maddox (works with Darin and is the passing game coordinator for Jenks HS), is from one of those camps.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vick to Eagles

Well I was wrong with my list of where Vick might end up.
But I do see it as a good move for the Eagles (football wise).

1. They get a quality backup for McNabb who, over his last 5 years, has had some injuries

2. This season they are not paying him much. It is next season when his salary becomes a bigger peice to swallow, but for a QB not that much. So if he plays at all or even does well in the pre-season the Eagles have some great trade bait, or they can cut him and not pay the bigger option.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where Does Mike Vick Land?

Since this is a big story I will weigh in on it. I love dogs, and can’t even watch the videos of dog fighting, makes me sick, but I do believe this guy did his time and deserves a chance to acclimate back into society, but nothing more then that. If the NFL lets him back in which they did, no problem with that. If they did not I would have no problem with it either, If you were convicted and sent to prison could you get your old job back when you got out?

I do hope Vick does well in life and on the field and believe he will if he surrounds himself with guys like Tony Dungy (I am a big fan, and both his books are excellent). It will show how a man makes a mistake or went down the wrong path, can change his life and turn down the right one.
Vick is reinstated and if stays out of trouble can play this season. He will land with someone the question is who? My thoughts on the teams

Bills: Not likely - Edwards the starter makes less then Fitzpatrick, their back up, so contract negotiations will be going on… they wont add another factor to the mix. Plus they already have TO to worry about. But what a receiving core.
Dolphins: Not a Chance - The Dolphins already have their “wildcat QB”, and either Henne or White is their QB of the future.
Pats: Highly Possible – Rumors are around that Belichick wanted to draft Pat Wight with the 58th pick…. Now they can get an QB with a similar skill set… and more experience
Jets: Not likely - Jets just drafted their QB and have said no already
Ravens : Possible – But I think they like Troy Smith if they are going to use a change up Q
Bengals: Not a Chance – they are trying to clean up their image
Browns: Not a Chance – QB battle already, Mangini not the coach for Vick
Steelers: Highly Possible – Solid organization could handle the backlash, Big Ben could be in trouble. Dungy good friends with the Rooney’s
Texans: Unlikely – Schaub and Vick together again… nah.
Colts: Unlikely – Why take Manning off the field? Maybe purely a back up
Jaguars: Possible – Garrard or Vick who would you pick?
Titans: Possible – If they don’t think Vince is going to stay, or is the answer
Broncos: Possible – No entrenched QB at starter
Chiefs: Not Likely – Just paid a lot to Cassell
Raiders: Anything is possible – with Al Davis
Chargers: Not a chance – South Cali may not be the best fit
Cowboys: Anything is possible – with Jerry Jones
Eagles: Not a chance – McNabb get hurt feelings when they entertain the idea of adding Qbs
Giants: Not a Chance- they have said no already
Redskins: Anything is possible – with Daniel Snyder
Bears: Not a chance – they traded for Cutler
Packers: Not likely – But, Vick always played well on the tundra
Lions: Possible – They need some energy in that city
Vikings: Not likely – the thing with Favre stretched them thin with the fans
Falcons: Not a Chance - you know why
Saints: Not likely – Why take Brees off the field? Maybe purely a back up
Panthers: Highly Possible – Delhomme was inconsistent last year
Bucs: Possible – Rookie QB starter?
Cardinals: Not likely - Warner and Leinart, but wasn’t the WiZ around when the Steelers had Slash?
49ers: Not a chance – San Fran may not be the most welcoming city for Vick
Seahawks: Possible – Mora and Knapp had some good teams with Vick at the helm
Rams: Possible – change up to Bulger? Possible

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favre Done

Brett Favre to stay retired… wooohooo who cares?
I am sick of hearing about the story, to be honest, and sick of the talking heads making comments on how Brett "should just hang it up", "let the teams know what he’s going to do", or is "just doing it for attention", "holding a team hostage".
I think all the stuff said was bull-chit.
The guy was not sure what he wanted for the past couple of years and instead of lying and saying he’s going to play or retire he stated the truth: that he is not sure. It is up to the teams then to wait or cut him loose.
The media would not let it die.
Why? Because in the off season they are searching for something NFL to report on. The fans want to hear about the NFL, so it feeds on itself. Favre did nothing wrong. Now that it is over we can look back and enjoy what a great and fun player Favre was to watch.
Good luck in the future Brett….. I would not blame you if you changed your mind again.
I know I would want to play football for a living and have a tuff time retiring.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good piece on Michael Turner from ADVANCED NFL STATS.
Gives some reasons on why his fantasy output may not reach the same type of numbers as last year.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to: Fantasy Football Auction Draft

There is not a lot of information out there about how to do and auction type draft for your fantasy football league. Because of this not many leagues use this type of draft. This is a shame because I feel it is one of the most fun, and strategic types of drafts…. Bidding wars, under the radar guys makes for a good time (we include beer in ours). The great thing about an auction is everyone has a chance to get their coveted player (this year probably Adrian Peterson, MIN). The problem is if you have never done or been in one you don’t know how or what it is all about.
I will explain how auctions, I have been at in the past, have worked and how ours will run this year.

Every team starts out with the same amount of imaginary money or salary cap room (Ours $200). This money is used to fill out your team. With at least $1 must be spent on each player.
In our league we do the auction with only the starters, after the starters are filled in we then go to regular draft. Lets say we have 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE a K and DEF that is 8 starting roster spots… at $1 dollar the maximum we can spend on one player is $193. (note: If you spend that much the rest of your team will probably not be very good.)

Then we pick out of a hat too see who gets first call and order their after. (this also is the draft order for the reserve players)

The first person can open with any player he wants. EX: “$5 for Drew Brees”. Then bids can come from any: “ I give $15, 20, 40, 45,46, 47… going once going twice sold to the Badabings”. It is good to have an auctioneer who does not have a team to keep track of bids, but it is not necessary.

Since Brees was bought for $47 (200 – 47 = 153) that team would now have $153 to spend.
The maximum they could spend on a player now would be: $146 because of the dollar that must be spent on each of the 6 other roster spots.

If someone’s roster is filled out at a position they sometimes don’t realize, sometimes do and bid on a guy they can not have or can not afford. (URGE you to keep a board up with the rosters as they get filled in and the teams cap as it goes down) This way they can be called on it.

If we catch someone doing it they get a warning, and maybe have to chug a beer. The second time we catch you, you get money taken away or if none left, moved to the end of the draft line. The auction of the player restarts from the starting point or last know true bid.

As each teams starting rosters fill up and money dwindles teams start to bid their $1. If team A bids $1 on a player and team B only has a $1 for each player left and can not bid more… than team A get the player.. now if team C has extra money left he could bid $2 and get the player.

After all teams have filled their starting rosters out we move to the draft where we go down and back up the order until all rosters are filled. Some leagues do the whole draft, reserves and all, as an auction…. I think just the starters evens teams out a bit.

Draft done.